Vacation Home Security


When you leave your second home, how do you keep it safe? With today’s updated technology, watching your vacation home from afar is easier than ever.

The best technology to secure your vacation home is to have a monitored security system installed. Security cameras often prevent theft before it happens. Many would­ be burglars will skip right over your property when they see cameras mounted outside. But if they do attempt to break in, today’s security systems use motion detectors that activate security cameras, record the activity and notify you on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Security systems are also ideal for second­ home owners who rent their property to vacationers on popular rental sites such as Air bnb to check in on how they left the property.

Oddly enough, most household burglaries are not forced entries; rather burglars enter without any trouble through unlocked windows and doors. Don’t forget to lock up before you leave. Also, if your vacation home looks vacant, it is more likely to be targeted. Make sure it appears occupied by using a light timer. Today’s timers are not clunky dials like in the past, but are digital and simple to program. They’re also inexpensive. Program lights to come on at different times to give your vacation home a lived ­in appearance.

Many police departments offer vacation watch services that can help lower the risk of any problems. Patrol cars will do a drive­ by to make sure everything is in order. Don’t forget to stop your newspaper, postal service, dry cleaning deliveries, etc., and tell your neighbors that you will be out of town.