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Flood damage

Flood Damage Cleanup for Secretary

Water and flood damage happen in an array of ways, and can affect even a home that’s protected. Paul Davis of Secretary is ready and willing to help no matter the origin of your flooding damage or how much work must be performed. On the East Coast, we are at risk for flooding as a result of malfunctions in the residence as well as natural disasters. Countless catastrophes including fast snowmelt, frozen pipes and hurricanes can be the source of home and basement floods. Fortunately, Paul Davis Restoration is available for 24 hour, 7 day a week flood damage cleanup at your Secretary residence. We collaborate with your insurance policy to be sure claims are treated properly.

Immediately Contact Us for Ideal Results

Additional destruction can occur in your residence if you evade repair post flooding in your basement or home. Paul Davis’s main priority is to reach your residence within 4 hours to begin pumping water out of your residence and begin the restoration process. It’s important to take action swiftly because mold evolution doesn’t take much time and it can create problems for your health. If there’s already mold present in your residence don’t worry, we are able to take care of that as well. Click here for more info. In extreme flooding events, the extra weight that water creates can potentially damage the structural integrity of your property. Call Paul Davis to begin the following procedures toward home restoration.

House Cleanup Quote

At the time we get to your home in Secretary, we will immediately assess the destruction that’s happened to your residence and create an evaluation.

Excess Water Pumping

Once you accept our estimate, we quickly begin cleaning out standing dampness at your home. To efficiently dispose of flood water, our technicians use vacuum pumps. When we use these vacuums, we mitigate the potential for mold growth.

Drying Your House

Even after we remove large areas of water, your residence may not be fully dry. To avoid damaging the sub floor, carpets may require removal. The Secretary professionals set up dehumidifiers and air blowers to quicken the process of drying. We make sure to work as carefully as possible.

Complete Restoration and Repair

Our technicians are able to restore your treasured belongings. No matter if their value is sentimental or monetary, what’s critical to you is important to us. Paul Davis always employs the latest technology for cleaning, which permits us to save many destroyed objects which would have needed to be thrown away in the past. The remaining part of combating flood damage is to rebuild the damage. Our technicians can recreate your residence, and build it even better than it was before flooding. We can remodel rooms of any size, from a bathroom to a whole home. Don’t let flooding take you under, Paul Davis of Secretary can help.

Why Paul Davis in Secretary?

When it comes to flood damage, Paul Davis can’t be topped. We have seen and cleaned it all. From tiny homes to apartment buildings, no situation is too large or small. We also collaborate with your insurance company to settle your claims, so that you can go back to regular life quickly. Call us now for an estimate on flood damage restoration.