Fixing Damaged Electronic Devices after a Tyaskin, MD Fire or Flood

Paul Davis Restoration of the Delmarva Peninsula is an unmatched leader in the restoration industry. Smoke, moisture and other impurities can be pulled into electronic device through cooling fans and vents, covering surfaces and boards critical to proper function. These contaminants often contain materials that can rust circuit boards. To work normally, surfaces inside of electronics must be well-maintained to remove heat and allow the equipment to cool off. Foreign materials like water cripple the heat distribution and cause equipment failure. Qualified restoration from Paul Davis Restoration of the Delmarva Peninsula is needed to clean the damaged spots.

Whether it’s smoke, water or fire damage, the experts at Paul Davis of Tyaskin, MD can take care of any emergency that interferes with the standard operation of your electronic devices. We want to make sure your electronics are functioning as effectively as possible.

Get in Touch With Paul Davis of Tyaskin, MD

Our electronic devices preserve memories, delight us, help us stay in touch and create efficiencies in our homes and businesses. You’ll find with our Complete Contents Solution, electronics damaged by water, soot and smoke and other toxins are restored to pre-loss state. Experienced at Paul Davis Restoration of the Delmarva Peninsula are able to rebuild over 80 percent of electronic devices that are involved in insurance claims and other losses. Paul Davis Restoration of the Delmarva Peninsula‘s knowledge can save otherwise lost information and restore laptops and other devices in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today for electronic restoration.

Electronic devices we can recover at Paul Davis Restoration of the Delmarva Peninsula:


  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • MP3 players
  • Appliances
  • Stereos
  • Game stations
  • Telephones
  • Power tools


  • Network & data support
  • Computers & servers
  • Copiers & fax machines
  • Phone systems
  • Industrial
  • Inventory recovery
  • Machinery
  • Small equipment & tool