Storms Damage Scenarios

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and some storms can cause serious damage to your property. Our restoration services company can fix up your home or business, getting it back to how it was before in no time. Our local professionals know the hazards of local storms and how to repair ensuing damage.

After the storm, repairing and restoring your property should be the next priority. Read the information below about how different kinds of storms can cause specific damage.

Storm Damage Insurance

Coverage amounts vary based on your region, the specifics of your policy, the amount of damage and other factors.

Document the damage, keep all receipts and get on the phone with your insurer and a storm damage restoration company.

Storms that cause property damage may lead to mold proliferation and much more.

  • Damage from Flooding: Flood water can get into your building’s foundation, ruin structures and possessions inside, lead to mold proliferation and much more.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Damage: Circular winds can wreak havoc on your home or business, including catastrophic damage to landscaping, siding and windows.
  • Wind-related Property Damage: This can rip off siding, shingles and even whole roofs, lead to broken windows, destroy trees and landscaping and electric systems and cause additional damage.
  • Hail Storm Aftermath: Severe hail can cause shingle and siding damage, leading to long-term leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Winter Storm Damage: Blizzards can collapse roofs, lead to broken trees and electricity poles, and more.

Seek Out a Professional Storm Repair Team

Danger is high after a storm, and a professional contractor can help you get repairs done right. Call us as soon as possible.