Fire Damage Remediation – The Most Common Cause of House Fires

House fires are a frightening thing, and they occur more frequently than people might think. The National Fire Protection Association has documented that there are more than 300,000 house fires annually in the United States, and they are liable for the injuries and deaths of firefighters and civilians. Fire clean up companies like Paul Davis have done many fire damage cleaning services because of this data. The likelihood of a house fire shouldn’t be ignored, and that’s why it’s necessary to understand what the most common causes of house fires are. We’ve arranged a list of the most common fire threats so that you can avoid a fire from occurring in your home.

Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking is one of the main causes of house fires, and a fire typically occurs when the stove is left unattended. A lot of homes have needed fire clean up services because of food being left on the stove with no one to keep an eye on it. If you’re required to leave the kitchen for any reason, make sure someone else is there to look after the cooking.

Electrical Current & Your Accessories

Electrical appliances, such as coffee makers and microwaves need to be watched after and put in places that aren’t risky. If any of your electrical equipment has a frayed cord, then they are a fire risk. Additionally, what you need to recognize is your outlets. For your safety, check what you plug into them.

Neglected Candles

Candles are refreshing pieces to have around the home. Even though they make for fashionable decorations, they are also an extreme risk for fire. Make sure to extinguish your candles before leaving the room, and place them in an area where they won’t fall or burn other objects around them.


Cigarettes have been a fire hazard for a long time, because they can keep burning for a few hours, and if they come into contact with anything flammable, you can have a big problem on your hands. Exiting your house to smoke is the best approach to bypass an accident from happening.

Faulty Wiring

Any electrical problems in your residence, such as faulty wiring, can put your property at risk for fire. This presents a problem because it’s not in plain sight, but there are some things you can look out for to diagnose any faulty wiring in your house:

  • Your lights dim when another appliance is in use
  • You have to disconnect something in order for an appliance to work
  • Your circuit trips frequently

If this is the situation for you, fix the problem and reach out to an electrician or contact your landlord.

Barbecues & Grills

For most individuals, a grill is a part of their home for the summer months. Nevertheless, check that it’s not near your home or any plants and trees. Also, have it cleaned and maintained routinely, because the buildup that occurs in your barbecue can be a fire hazard. Additionally, you need to examine the gas bottle consistently for leaks or other possible problems.

Children’s Curiosity

Fire is alluring for the curiosity of a child, and that’s why you need to take every precaution. Keep any matches or lighters out of reach or hidden to avoid a calamity from taking place. Take extra care and ensure your kids understand how to clear the area and that they know their address if they need to call 911.

Flammable Liquids

When you’re storing your liquids, always read the label to make sure the substance isn’t a fire hazard, otherwise don’t store them by a heat source.

Christmas Trees in the Home

Christmas trees provide holiday festivities into the home, but they are also a risk for home fires. If you like having a live tree, it’s necessary to cut off an inch from the trunk so the tree can absorb water. You should also be diligent about watering your tree and keeping it hydrated. Before turning in for the evening, make sure your Christmas lights are turned off as well. Also, you could procure an artificial tree to avert the fire hazard altogether.

Laundry Machines

Fires caused from dryers are rather frequent, and that’s why it’s important to keep them maintained. To prevent your house from needing fire clean up services, always clean out the lint trap before using it again, and examine the dryer duct periodically because lint can get stuck in there as well.


It’s impossible to get rid of all potential fire hazards, but understanding the most common causes of house fires can eradicate your risk substantially. If you have encountered any fire damage to your property, don’t hesitate to call an expert that offers fire clean up services, like Paul Davis. We are a fire clean up company that can get your property brought back to where it was before.